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Thanks so much for being here. I am assuming that, for whatever reason, you too have an interest in children’s emotional and mental wellbeing and will bear with me while I tell you a little bit about how I became a Relax Kids Coach.

My degree was in psychology and I have always had an interest in people – younger ones in particular! I spent a number of years teaching at a primary school before working in a variety of educational settings, largely with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties: both children and teenagers. I became increasingly frustrated by the pressures put on our children and young people – from the curriculum, targets, the media and assessments – and noticed children with increasing anxieties and worries, without the strategies to deal with them.

Coming across Relax Kids really was a moment of serendipity. One week I was contemplating which direction I wanted to move in and everything seemed to fall into place. Within the  week, three friends and colleagues had mentioned that they thought it would be perfect for me. I had a growing interest in positive psychology and mindfulness, and the more I found out about how Relax Kids could help every child learn skills that will help them throughout their lives, the more I was sold.

Since doing the training in March 2015, I have been blown away how much we can offer children and young people through Relax Kids and I haven’t looked back.  I’ve taken a course to enable me to teach mindfulness to children and I have developed my own practice alongside this. I have been lucky enough to do Relax Kids with children aged from 3 to 15 in a variety of settings, and have been touched and excited by the positive impacts on the children, their parents and their teachers.

I feel so grateful to be able to be doing something that I love and believe in. I hope I have the opportunity of sharing it with you.

With many warm wishes,





My name is Isabel and I would love to tell you how I became a ‘Relax kids Coach

I began my Paediatric nurse training in 1988 and throughout my career I have nursed children with a far reaching range of conditions. In accident and emergency I have cared for children with acute medical and psychological needs, in the oncology/haematology department I have cared for families with long-term health conditions and currently I care for children with lifelong conditions diagnosed at birth.

My experience has given me the privilege of working with adults and children from all walks of life. One thing has always remained constant and that is that we are all exposed to stress in one form or another. I am currently arranging meetings to formalise using my Relax  Kids training in my work setting.

I also have two children who are both currently at primary school and it has been clear to see the stress they are under at school, not only to perform academically but to be confident and to deal with the ups and downs of friendships and also life little curve balls such as the change of teachers mid way through a year.

I really wanted to find something that addressed the needs of all the children I encounter. I first found a relax kids book a few years ago and couldn’t believe how all the tools I needed were packaged so beautifully in a program that is so effective.

This year I took the plunge and completed my relax kids training and I haven’t looked back.

I believe wholeheartedly in the relax kids philosophy, I  passionately believe that helping children become more confident and positive about themselves and the ever changing world around them can be life changing, coupled with teaching relaxation techniques that they can use throughout their lives is just a fantastic life skill for them.

I feel blessed to be part of their journey and to absolutely love my job!

I hope you can join us.

Warm wishes,