For Schools

Pupils are under increasing pressure through the media, friendships, the curriculum, SATs, the list goes on…

Children just can’t learn when they are anxious. Developing the skills of self awareness and regulation have never been more important. The skills that are nurtured and developed through the Relax Kids programme really do equip children with empathy, relaxation and self confidence; skills that are for life.

Sessions can be bought in for groups of pupils (usually in 6 week blocks) and adapted to suit their needs and ages. We can also do 1-1 sessions for children who need particular support.



Of course we can’t leave out the teachers and parents!  If they are not relaxed, the children aren’t. We run a 4 week parent programme with the aim of not only increasing parent well-being, but also giving them ideas of how they can use some of the strategies at home with their families. We also like to work with teachers to explain the work of Relax Kids, do a complementary relaxation session and support staff with implementing some of the strategies into the classroom. We wholeheartedly believe in whole school wellbeing.

Contact us now to arrange a no obligation meeting to see how we can support your school.